Social Emergency Drill

by kana in on 31 August 2012

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Yahoo!JAPAN, Twitter Japan, J-WAVE (the radio company) and Mori Building are holding the very first ‘Social Emergency Drill’ event  on the 19th of September. The aim of event is to teach people how to effectively use Social Media in case of emergency.

Social Media took a huge part in the Tohoku Earthquake (East Japan Earthquake in 2011). However really utilising platforms effectively can be difficult as there’s so much information. If we can’t get trustworthy information and make right decisions, then there is a chance of getting involved with another emergency situation or even creating one a new. This event will be carried out to train people on correct Social Media usage in the event of an emergency and how to survive an emergency situation using Social Media.

The event consists of two parts: an emergency drill and a lecture. During the drill, which is based on a fake emergency story in which a massive earthquake hits the area, the participants will be guided to an evacuation place going through emergency situations using ‘emergency news’ provided by Yahoo!JAPAN and Twitter Japan. At the lecture event, each host will give a talk about emergency situations using a huge diorama of Tokyo city.

Whilst Social Media took a huge part in helping people share and obtain emergency updates during the Tohoku Earthquake, it also created a lot of confusion because there was both true and false information mixed up in the social space. This event should help people learn how best to utilise the power of Social Media to protect yourself and people around you.

If you’d like to join, follow @Yahoo_weather and tweet the specified line which you can find here (only if you’re in Tokyo and also limited to only 100 people…). It’ll be happening at the Arc Mori Building where we’ll be our Japanbuzz office will based during October this year!


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