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Best 3 Father’s Day Japanese Social Media Campaigns in 2018

What did you give your father on Father’s Day this year? Seemingly, there are a lot more things out there involving Mother’s Day than there are for Father’s Day. So today, we would like to focus on Japanese social media campaigns that were successful for Father’s Day! 1. #父の日何贈ろうか問題 – Asahi Beer As people wonder […]

How Do You Measure the ROI of Japanese Influencer Campaigns?

As you work on influencer campaigns for the Japanese market, you might have faced this question — how to actually measure the successes of a campaign and the Return on Investment (ROI)? We imagine that measuring the campaign’s ROI is challenging for many marketers that deal with influencer marketing. According to a survey conducted by […]

Top 3 Japanese Mum Instagrammers

Mothers tend to be heavy Instagram users because of their desire to connect with other mums on Instagram, to share their thoughts, and to tell  parenting stories. There are hashtags that are commonly used by Japanese mothers: #プレママ #ママコーデ #ワークママ #新米ママ #育児日記. Here are 3 active Japanese mama Instagrammers that you should know! 1. Yukina […]