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Japan’s Top Social Media Platforms – Updated 2024

Japanese social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers in a cost-effective and targeted way. By using the power of social media in Japan, also known as SNS, businesses can access the huge potential of the Japanese market and grow their customer base. Understanding Japan’s Social Media landscape, with its unique communication […]

Top 10 Japanese Fitness Influencers on Instagram 2024

Japanese fitness Influencers

Are you looking for Japanese fitness influencers to promote your brand? Many people in Japan feel like their fitness levels have gone down due to spending more time at home and having busy schedules. Those who want to exercise by themself at home may not feel motivated, or may not be sure what to do. […]

Marketing Holiday Calendar in Japan 2024

Marketing Holiday Calendar in Japan

A marketing holiday calendar in Japan is a schedule that lists all the different holidays and special dates throughout the year. It’s very useful for businesses because it tells them when it’s a good time to advertise and promote their products, services, or special deals to boost sales in the Japanese market. By preparing an […]

Top 10 Fashion YouTubers in Japan 2024


Japanese fashion YouTubers have become important influencers, drawing millions of views, often from all over the world, into their unique fashion scene. With their videos, these fashion lovers share their personal styles, try out new fashion ideas, and show their deep love for fashion. They often mix classic Japanese looks with modern trends from around […]

What is LINE app Japan?

LINE App Japan

Have you heard of the app called LINE in Japan? Launched in 2011 to help people communicate after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, LINE was designed to work over the Internet, avoiding damaged phone lines. It has become more than just a way to text or call. Today, LINE is the most popular social media […]

Top 10 Japanese Twitter Influencers and KOL

Who are the most famous and popular Twitter influencers in Japan? In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into Twitter. In Japan, Twitter is the third most used social media platform after LINE and YouTube. It’s popular in Japan for several reasons: it is user-friendly, allows anonymity, has a robust community, and […]

The top 10 Tech Influencers in Japan 2024

Japanese Tech Influencers

In the fast-paced world of ever-evolving technology, Japanese Tech influencers stand out as experts offering accurate insights about products whilst guiding viewers on how to make the most of their features. When it comes to learning about tech products before making a purchase, many people in Japan rely on YouTube. Japanese YouTube influencers create detailed […]

Most Popular Japanese Vtubers Of 2024

Japanese VTuber

Japanese VTubers or virtual YouTubers use virtual avatars to create content and are very popular in Japan. VTubers post music videos, game reviews, drawing content, live stream and create sponsored video content. Most of the Japanese VTubers operate livestreams making use of the YouTube SuperChat function, a YouTube gifting system, and use real-time motion capture […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Events in Japan

If you’re searching for digital marketing events to attend in Japan in 2024, you’ve come to the right place! This is your ideal guide. Japanese digital marketing mixes traditional culture with modern tech, creating a unique business environment. If you want to learn more about Japanese digital marketing, meet professionals, or find digital marketing agencies […]

Top 10 Popular Japanese Beauty YouTubers 2024

YouTube has become the ultimate platform for beauty and makeup YouTubers in Japan to showcase their skills, share expert advice, and captivate audiences worldwide. As we step into 2024, the Japanese beauty scene has seen a meteoric rise in the number of talented YouTubers who have taken the internet by storm with their mesmerizing tutorials, […]