4 Japanese Influencer Marketing examples for beauty products on Instagram Japan

Japan is one of the largest markets for cosmetic and personal care products around the world. In addition, the market value is increasing year on year which makes Japan an excellent market for beauty companies. However, due to Covid-19 people are staying at home longer than before, wear masks when going outside, and have fewer…


A guide to media buying in Japan

Media buying in Japan is big business, with most of the 126.5 million Japanese population exposed to advertising each day. In fact the total spend for advertising in Japan last year was around ¥6,938.1 billion yen (around $64.8 billion).  The Media buying process ranges across multiple platforms and includes purchase, negotiation, and arrangement – aiming…


Japanese Influencers

5 Japanese influencer marketing examples of electronic gadgets on Instagram Japan

YouTube is one of the best platforms for promoting high tech items and electronic gadgets in Japan. However Instagram and is also very popular in Japan and a great place to market your product. So let’s take a look at some good examples where tech brands have collaborated with Japanese lifestyle influencers.  xoxo._yolo_.xoxo iDeal of…