Japanese Influencers

5 Japanese influencer marketing examples of electronic gadgets on Instagram Japan

YouTube is one of the best platforms for promoting high tech items and electronic gadgets in Japan. However Instagram and is also very popular in Japan and a great place to market your product. So let’s take a look at some good examples where tech brands have collaborated with Japanese lifestyle influencers.  xoxo._yolo_.xoxo iDeal of…


The rise of the Stay-Home economy, how Japanese influencers are using creativity to inspire and engage followers.

Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo, recently announced that Tokyo residents should stay inside and avoid nonessential outings due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re now living in a difficult situation in Japan and many parts of the world where people may feel that their life is cancelled. However businesses are finding ways to bring positivity to…


Jitan Cosume, how Beauty Brands run their Social Media and Influencer Marketing in Japan

Japanese people are known for being punctual, and most Japanese women work hard to find time to apply makeup, especially in the morning before going to work or school. Often though they can’t spend 30 minutes or an hour every morning on makeup, so some Japanese women have found a way to do makeup in…