Japan Distributor search

Helping brands find a Japanese distributor

Finding a Japanese distributor for your products in Japan can be very time consuming and frustrating.

We’ve heard many stories of brands & businesses that have already expanded to Japan but have seen slow sales. In many cases they have had to withdraw from the market due to entry arrangements not being good enough. Even large fashion companies have been in this situation.

The simple solution? Make sure you take full control when you enter the market. Also make sure you have someone who speaks the Japanese, the culture and understands your brand on your side.

At JapanBuzz we’re always looking to help clients with a smooth entry, we’re prepared and ready to support your business’s distributor search and also provide digital market entry support.

Our approach is modern, as we’re a group of digital experts who know the trends & culture of Japan and West side of the world. It make a lot of sense for a digital team to be involved in the early stage of the market expansion.

Our Process


Finding the best potential Japanese distributor & partner candidates.


Making initial contact with the distributors on your behalf to gauge their level of interest


Arranging meetings for you with the Japanese Distributors in Japan. All things can be taken care of from Acclimatisation, Logistics & translation services.


We’re on your side and will help you get the best deal.