Japanese cryptocurrency and ICO marketing is a hot topic in Japan for 2018. A new cryptocurrency-themed girl band ‘仮想通貨少女’ has debuted a new single 5th January in Japan. The new J-pop girl band symbolises the crypto craze by singing about the digital currency market whilst wearing wrestling masks and French maid dresses.

The members, formed from the major cryptocurrencies, include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The purpose for the group is not to encourage people to buy cryptocurrency but rather promoting the idea that cryptocurrency is a great technology to make our future richer.

Lyrics for their debut song ‘The Moon, Cryptocurrency and me’ includes common feelings investors often face, advice and instructions on how to start buying cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investors sympathise with their songs. In addition, it’s a chance for people who are interested in cryptocurrency start, because they can understand the way it works

The word ‘Cryptocurrency’ was well-known by Japanese people due to the hacking attack of about ¥58 billion of cryptocurrency from the Coincheck exchange. After this incident, the girl band held a concert to which Coincheck users can join for free. Attendees were encouraged to uploaded a video to bring hope to many of those who lost out. This incident helped the girl band to get more fame in Japan.

Although the cryptocurrency market is confusing to some, cryptocurrency is going to be at the centre of people’s attention for years to come in Japan.

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