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LINE Ads Platform




LINE, a communication app for electronic devices, launched its advertising service called LINE Ads Platform in June, 2016. It combines a bidding and customised targeting system. There are now 68 million LINE users in Japan, so it’s a date companies who are looking to create targeted ads on LINE are looking forward to.


According to LINE, the LINE Ads Platform shows the selected ad to users after advertisers choose their budget, schedule, interests of the users, creatives, etc. and then bid for the ad. SMMLab says ads are displayed on the user’s timeline, the top page of LINE NEWS, list page of articles, using the data of LINE. Advertisers can choose web ads, app ads and video ads. Several call-to-actions such as purchase, reserve, download the app, etc. are available with each formats. LINE Ads Platform also offer companies to advertise utilising their native advertising company, Hike Network, which makes it possible to provide ads to over 1,000 types of media.


How are those targeted ads created? Demographics and the interest data of users are estimated automatically, using a history of LINE NEWS, LINE MUSIC, LINE MANGA, the contact lists of official company accounts & celebrities, and the history of stickers’ purchase. However, personal information which can identify a specific Individual such as phone numbers, email addresses, address books, chat history, etc. is not disclosed to a third party.


LINE Ads Platform can be an important platform to advertise including small business companies because we can manage ads in detail and check impact to make suitable ads for both users and advertisers.



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