Japan figuring out how to deliver goods untouched by people amid pandemic [via JapanTimes]

Labor shortage and virus fears push robotics and logistics companies to explore ways to integrate technology into consumer deliveries. Read the full article

Japan to look at building a common infrastructure for digital yen payments [via Japan Today]

Japan’s three biggest banks have set up a study group that will look at possibly building a common settlement infrastructure for digital yen payments, an initiative backed by… Read the full article

The ‘Japan model’ that tackled coronavirus [via FT]

Cluster control strategy helped but good timing mattered most of all, say experts Read the full article

Unmissable 🙂 Only in Japan!

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How Tokyo is readying for the global spotlight [via CNN]

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Knife-wielding professor fired from international department of one of Tokyo top universities [via RocketNews24]

Teaching methods included violent outbursts and telling students to die. Back in my student days, I spent a year studying in Tokyo at Waseda University. Participating in the program honestly changed my… Read the full article

Great!! 🙂 What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan

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Little-known maker of ¥4.3 billion chip machines is Japan’s hottest stock [via JapanTimes]

Lasertec Corp. is the world’s only maker of testing machines to verify chip designs that use extreme ultraviolet lithography. Read the full article

Kento Nakajima & Sho Hirano cover multiple magazines for “Detective Novice” [via Arama Japan]

SEXY ZONE member Kento Nakajima is preparing for the premier of his brand new drama series which also stars King & Prince member Sho Hirano in a leading role. NTV’s “Detective Novice” did see a slight… Read the full article

Japan Inc wrestles with the prospect of no Olympics [via FT]

The 2020 games are destined to bathe national corporate sponsors in glory too Read the full article