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Nissan 2.3


You’ve heard of 2.0, but get ready for… 2.3!

Nissan has started the first project for it’s Social Media experiment project “Nicchan”. Broadcaster writer, Osamu Suzuki, was selected as the project editor. The theme for this project is “the Waku Waku (heart beating) project, you can love Nissan even more, I would buy a Nissan car if it was like this”.

The project seeks interesting new ideas in the form of proposals. These proposals will be assessed by the project editor Mr Suzuki and the staff of the Nicchan team. When a proposal is selected, Nissan will buy it off for 230,000 yen (2.3 man yen = Nissan). The grand prize of course is that Nissan may use your idea as the company’s next official project.

The ideas they are looking for are:
I want to visit the Nissan stores if they are like this.
I want to drive the Nissan cars if they are like this.

Not only this is a great way to engage customers/potential customers, this is also a fantastic way to get to know what their customers are looking for in a Nissan. It’s like carrying out research, but running it as a campaign and marketing themselves at the same time.

Kana & The JAPAN BUZZ Team
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