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Top 10 most viewed paid Japanese influencer content for 2022

2022 has been a very busy year for influencer marketing in Japan. In this article, we introduce the top 10 most viewed paid content in Japan for 2022. Here, you can understand how Japanese companies promote their services and what kind of influencers they collaborate with on YouTube. You can also get a sense of […]

Most popular Japanese Influencer brand partnerships 2022

This year has been a very busy year for influencer marketing in Japan. There have been many successful campaigns driving sales across multiple verticals. Here we look at the most played influencer collab videos in Japan for 2022 (Based on data by BitStar Co. Japan). Understanding how local companies are engaging their audience is important […]

Using Instagram Reels for marketing in Japan

Reels by Instagram is used by many brands in Japan to attract customers and followers. It’s a place where users can create short video content that is entertaining and immersive. It’s a bit like TikTok and users are shown videos one after the other. Reels can also be shown to users even if they are not […]

5 examples of Japanese influencer campaigns on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

As most people know, influencer marketing in Japan is effective in promoting services and products through generating word-of-mouth among followers. Recently, it has also been seen as an effective branding method, because consumers can become loyal fans of long time brand ambassadors. In this article, we introduce 5 recent examples of Japanese influencer campaigns. We […]

What are the trends for Japanese Influence Marketing in 2022?

Celly Cecilia

If you want to know what trends are coming to the Japanese Influencer market, this is the right place. In the last year, we have seen the domestic influencer industry in Japan scale significantly with advertising spend moving away from traditional channels into the influencer sphere. As more people stayed home due to several waves […]

6 Japanese Olympic Influencers you should know


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are now underway after a year-long delay due to Covid-19. It is truly going to be an Olympics unlike any other with no spectators at stadiums and strict rules for athletes to follow such as no hugging on medal podiums. Due to the recent rise in Coronavirus cases, there is mixed […]

5 Reasons why Japanese Influencer Marketing is Unique

Japanese Influencer Instagram Katoco0326

Japan is renowned across the world for its unique cultural identity and intricate social customs. Despite this, the planning required to break into the 3rd largest economy in the world is often lacking. As in other countries, the quickest and most effective way to increase your brand awareness in Japan is through Japanese Influencer marketing. […]

Top 10 Japanese Instagram Hashtags in 2021

What are the most popular hashtags in Japan on Instagram? In this article, we’ll introduce and translate the trending Japanese hashtags in 2021, and also explain which community hashtags Japanese Instagram or “Insta” users are searching for to connect with fellow like minded folk. As you may already have read, a post with at least […]

The Top Japanese Influencers for 2021

Who are the influencers to follow in Japan in 2021? In this post, we will introduce the YouTube, Instagram and TikTok influencers with the highest rankings in Japan. Even if you’re a brand looking for less costly influencers to start your next inspiring campaign, you first need to know the Japanese mega influencers and understand […]