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Tokyo Influencers fashion map

Japanese influencers are well know for their fashion sense, but what is not so well known is that many areas for Tokyo have their own style. So let’s take a look at the fashion styles for Japanese influencers based on the region of Tokyo’s they represent.

Marunouchi (丸の内)

Marunouchi is an area where many banks and trading companies are located. Over the last few years, a smart office style has been established often know as “Konsaba” coming from English word “conservative”. This style is discreet, elegant, soft and natural. It’s a common and timeless trend, and is widely accepted for women aged 20 to 50.

Sibuya (渋谷)

Shibuya is a mecca of Gyaru culture which boomed in the 1990s. This trend involves heavy makeup with colour contact lenses, long eyelashes, decorated nails and bright hair colour.

Harajuku (原宿)

There are many styles that originated in Harajuku. The most popular of these is pop Harajuku fashion. Each item is colourful, unique and young people enjoy matching them all together at the same time.

Harajuku Mode

Mode is a word that means “fashion” in French, and mainly incorporates fashion collections of the year. Edgy items can be added as spice and this makes it look unique and trendy.

Harajuku Boyish style

Boyish style was also developed in Harajuku. The point of this trend is to match sports brand items and oversized clothes with a casual style. You can also make this tomboy look by adding a cap, backpack and sporty watch.

Harajuku mens-like

Less feminin, more tomboy like fashion style also known as “mens-like” (メンズライク).

Harajuku B-kei

“B-kei” (B系) style is inspired by R&B and hiphop culture.

Shimokitazawa (下北沢)

Shimokitazawa is a town of “Furugi” (vintage clothing) shops where bargains can be found at low prices. You can also find rare vintage clothes from overseas.

There are many shops in Shimokitazawa that sell ethnic clothes which influenced by clothing from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Akihabara (秋葉原)

Akihabara is well-known as an anime and gaming town. You can see a lot cosplay (dressing up as characters) in this area.

In Tokyo and Japan, there are many fashion styles by region and often Japanese influencers represent that style. Knowing these trends and styles can help marketers know which influencer is right for their business. Please get in touch if you’re looking to run an influencer marketing campaign in Japan.   

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