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Top 10 influencers on NOTE Japan 2024

NOTE is a modern Japanese blogging platform, that has been gaining popularity. The active monthly users recently reached 7 million and it’s still growing. The main users are business people aged 20 to 40 and half of the users are working people. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 influencers on Note in 2024. Those active on Note are perfect for backlink building and smaller influencer campaigns targeting business users.

Top 10 Japanese influencers on NOTE by number of followers

Here is a rundown of the most popular influencers on NOTE Japan.

1. Shiitake 124K Followers

Topic: fortune-telling.
Shiitake is a fortune teller and writer. His fortune-telling column has been serialized in Vogue girl since 2014. As a writer, he also published several books. As he receives a lot of fan letters, he also shares their personal experiences and expands the topics in his unique way.

2. Kensu 91K Followers

Topic: Business
Kensu is a successful business person who has created many web services and communities. Based on his experiences, he uses the platform to talk about the mistakes and insights in marketing. He also publishes a monthly magazines for companies on PR strategy and the challenges he faces in running web services. 

3. Takao Hirose 85K Followers

Topic: Investment
Takao talks about various finance tips and tricks.

4. Yoichi Ochiai 75K Followers

Topic: Arts
Ochiai Yoichi is a media artist who researches light, sound, physical properties and is a photographer. Based on his various professions, he uses Note to share his personal messages on various things. As he is known for his successful career, many are curious to know how he is thinking.

5. 決算が読めるようになるノート(Notes to be able to read balance sheets) 67.9K Followers

Topic: Business
As there are many business-minded users on NOTE, this account is a perfect fit for this platform, as he talks about the financial information of internet companies in the US and Japan. The content is targeted towards managers and office workers who want to get ahead, and switch jobs into new industries.

6. Riko Muranaka 67.2K Followers

Riko Muranaka

Topic: Medical care
Riko is a doctor and journalist. As an expert in a medical field, she informs people about information related to covid and cervical cancer, which continue to remain trending topics in Japan. She also received the 2017 John Maddox Prize for fighting to reduce cervical cancer and countering misinformation about the human papillomavirus vaccines. She has also published books on covid so that people can get the latest news.

7. Co.Ayu 67.2K Followers


Topic: medical care
Ayu is an aspiring doctor who studies while raising a child. Her posts are mainly about child-rearing and the challenges she faces when studying to be a psychiatrist. Although she does not reveal her identity, many follow her account as she gives useful information on many topics.

8. Asami.m 67.0K Followers

Topic: Books and Film
Asami gives reviews on movies, foreign dramas and books. As such content is always in high demand in Japan, this led her to have a lot of followers on NOTE. As a married mother, she also gives advice on marriage and child-rearing.  

9. Yukio Noguchi 66.4K Followers

Topic: Economics
He is an economist, professor and a writer. His topics range from AI, blockchain, fintech and crypto currency. He attracts many business-minded readers. He also shares his opinions on the trending topics and how political incidents such as the Ukraine war affect Japanese economics.

10. Taejun 66.2K Followers


Topic: Business and Books
Although his identity is not revealed, he talks about the countries he visited on work trips. In his diary, he states his opinions and the predictions on the present and future economic situation of the country. 

Working with Japanese Influencers on Note

The type of influencers we see on Note is quite different from Tiktok or Instagram, as they are experts in specific fields such as business and medical fields. The active users seek useful information to advance their career rather than for entertainment. So if you’re a business operating in Japan you might also look to open your own NOTE account.

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