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The top 10 Japanese Instagram Hashtags for 2022

Many Japanese Instagram user search for information by using hashtags. Most of them though are in Japanese, making it difficult for foreign companies to connect with the Japanese audience. In this article, you can find information about the trending hashtags and how Japanese influencers engage with their audience in Japan.

Here is the list of trending hashtags in 2022 which can help your brand get noticed by a Japanese audience.

*Translations can be found in the tags below

  1. # 写真好きな人と繋がりたい (43.0M)
  2. #ファインダー越しの私の世界 (32.7M)
  3. #ハンドメイド (32.0M)    
  4. #ファッション (30.9M)
  5. #ランチ (27.6M)
  6. #ネイル(26.6M)
  7. #カフェ (26.0M)
  8. #おうちごはん(25.6M)
  9. #旅行 (22.1M)
  10. #写真 (21.1M)


I want to connect with people who like photography

Same as last year, this was the most used hashtags among the users in Japan. “〇〇好きな人と繋がりたい” ー” I want to connect with people who likes 〇〇” is such an useful tags to remember, as you can put any descriptive words after 〇〇 and search for people who shares the same interest. 


My world through the viewfinder

As the main feature of Instagram is posting photos and videos, many Japanese people are keen to post what they find visually appealing, whether it’s a place they visit, or the food they eat.



With the prolonged pandemic, the content about what people can do at home are in high demand. Compared to last year, this hashtag gained more popularity than #Fashion, taking over the 3rd position. Crafting/making something handmade is one of the things that have always been popular among Japanese people. 



As the trend of posting “#ootd”ー”outfit of the day” has become popular globally as well as in Japan, people have strong interest in content related to fashion in Japan. Although people seem to be less interested in fashion as many people stay home and have less chance of dressing up, this will always be the relevant topic. For example, words such as “部屋着”ーroomwear/homewear has became popular in recent years as many Japanese desire to look nice even at home while being comfortable.



As many Japanese people are foody, content related to food has always been of interest. Especially in Japan, the lunch menu is cheaper than the dinner menu, and therefore, people are interested in knowing where they can eat delicious meals at a reasonable price.


Nail Art

Japanese nail art is known for its cute designs and perfectness. Nail art is of great interest to people between 20 to 40 who are university students, working women and stay-home moms.  



Cafes are a main hangout spot in Japan, and therefore, many Japanese people are interested in knowing where they can eat delicious pastries in a nice atmosphere. As most of the cafes have an instagram account, people rely on instagram to look for their hangout spots.



As there is a bento(lunchbox) culture in Japan, home cooking is and will always be popular. Tasty Japan, Kurashiru and Delish Kitchen, which posts contents about home cooking, for example, are one of the most popular accounts run by companies in Japan.  People always get cooking ideas from Instagram.



Even with the pandemic, the desire to travel has not disappeared from people’s minds. But rather, people are making lists of places they want to visit after the pandemic. As many countries are starting to lift their covid regulations and opening borders, content related to travel will surely be trending.  



People use this hashtag with a wide range of pictures as this hashtag is convenient and easy to use with any photo.  As the platform itself is a visual-based media, this makes complete sense. If you have a photo and want to promote it, just post it with #photography and expect the reach.

These are the trending hashtags in 2022 in Japan. The impact of pandemic has surely prevented people from physically going to places. However, people have been active in searching about food, places and fashion while staying home.

As Instagram is an important media that Japanese people come to when looking for information about companies, it is key to know the trends and interests of Japanese people. If you are looking to run an influencer campaign in Japan or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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