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Top 3 Japanese Mum Instagrammers

Mothers tend to be heavy Instagram users because of their desire to connect with other mums on Instagram, to share their thoughts, and to tell  parenting stories. There are hashtags that are commonly used by Japanese mothers: #プレママ #ママコーデ #ワークママ #新米ママ #育児日記. Here are 3 active Japanese mama Instagrammers that you should know!

1. Yukina Kinoshita – 4.5M followers

Yukina is one of famous model mums in Japan with 4.5M followers on Instagram! Before marriage, she established herself as silly, but she currently has a fashionable-mum status that is family friendly. Her husband is Fujimon (フジモン) who’s a famous comedian and also a popular family figure. As a popular model, Yukina’s fashion posts are always cool. Her personally made hashtags like #インスタ萎え –  meaning “un-Instagram worthy” is fun too which was used with her husband. With his humorous character, the couple is very popular in Japan.

2. Ayanan – 474K followers

Ayanan is a famous Youtuber who manages the channel with her husband. The channel has over 1M subscribers which makes them the most famous Youtuber couple. They are always transparent about everything, friendly, and cheerful. However, they are also often seen flaming on their posts which brings them many subscribers. Hense, they were called, “flaming Youtuber”.

3. Kotsuban – 308K followers

Kotsuban is a famous manga illustrator on Instagram. Her posts are about childcare, and the main manga character in her posts is a girl name Shi-chan. She has humorous ideas and talks like a grown-up. This girl who loves to nad makes many mothers have a heartwarmingly smile. Including Kotsuban, many manga illustrators use this hashtag – #育児絵日記. With this hashtag, you can find that various manga writers post about childcare.


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