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Why is JapanBuzz different from other press release agencies in Japan?

JapanBuzz is a Japanese press release agency with English and Japanese-speaking staff for easy communication. We have a strong network in the Japanese media industry and a history of success with international clients. We know how to distribute your message effectively in Japan’s complex media landscape.

What are some effective strategies for distributing Japanese press releases?

When distributing Japanese press releases, it’s important to consider the preferences and behaviours of Japanese media and journalists. Good tactics include building relationships with editors and journalists, using trusted press release distribution services in Japan, and using social media to gain attention. Timing your releases with events or trends can make them even more effective.

How is the press release in Japan different from other countries?

Japanese press releases are usually very formal and polite. They use respectful language and indirect communication to convey information. They often include rich background details to make sure readers understand everything clearly. To connect with Japanese media and audiences, it’s important to follow these cultural norms when writing press releases.