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Who are the top 10 Japanese Digital Artists and 3D Animators?

Japanese Digital Artists and 3D Animators

The creative world of Japanese digital art and 3D animation is filled with remarkable talent and creativity. With their unique blend of traditional and modern styles, these creative influencers wow audiences and push the boundaries of their craft. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 famous Japanese digital artists and 3D animators who are making waves in the industry, including those who have collaborated with brands. From anime-inspired illustrations to hyper-detailed sci-fi creations, Japan has a history of producing extraordinary contemporary artists.

Top 10 Japanese Digital Artists and 3D Animators 2024

Hirokazu Yokohara

Hirokazu is nothing short of a perfectionist and has produced some phenomenal work, including the face of virtual artist te’resa, whose 3rd music video, “Youthful Strangers”, received over 1.3 million views on YouTube. His abilities for concept design and hyper-realistic 3D visualisations have secured him work with household names such as Subaru, Sony, and Nintendo, to name just a few, and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve seen his mesmerizing and lifelike 3D models. 

Goro Fujita

With over 15 years of international experience, Goro made large contributions to projects such as Kung Fu Panda 2 and Madagascar 3 at DreamWorks, developed a VR painting tool called Quill at Oculus, and art-directed the Emmy-winning VR experience, “Henry”. Goro’s discovery of the magic of drawing in 3D virtual worlds led him to become a VR pioneer, sharing daily “Quillustrations” with his nearly one million Facebook followers, showcasing the remarkable possibilities of this medium.

Mai Yoneyama

Starting her career in the predominantly male-dominated animation industry, Mai was determined not to be underestimated due to her gender. A recurring theme in her work is embracing adversity and confidence in one’s choices, as seen in the emotive expressions and vibrant colours in her close-up art pieces. Mai’s remarkable illustrations were showcased in her second solo exhibition in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Wanoco 4D

If it’s 3D or 4D inspiration you’re after, and you like cars and fighter planes in particular, Wanoco 4D would be a highly recommended follow. As a highly skilled Blender artist, Wanoco balances her time between her artwork and studying mechanical engineering at Kyoto University. With more than 300K followers on Instagram, it’s evident that her posts, which immerse viewers into a futuristic sci-fi world and include brief clips of her creative process, have struck a chord with her audience.


If you were fascinated by fantasy and dystopian stories during your childhood, you will find a connection with the artwork of Esteo, a Japanese graphic designer. His portfolio is brimming full of what could be best described as incredible gothic sci-fi androids and mythical creatures kitted out with all manner of unique weapons. Our personal favourite is his Kurenai remake from summer 2022 with its all-sensing burning eye, which is a perfect marriage of ancient culture and dystopian cyberpunk. 

Takayuki Yoshida

Takayuki Yoshida is a multi-disciplined artist specialising in CG motion graphics and is known for his original ways of bringing ideas to life. Takayuki’s love of the chaotic landscape of Tokyo led to the project mapping creation of “Tokyo New crosswalk Style” on Twitter, which got over 115,000 likes and was viewed 1.5 million times. Above we see his recent Instagram post of his portfolio, mainly involving motion graphics and Cinema 4d, demonstrating how his skills have scope for commercial applications too.

Yuuki Morita

Ingenious is an adjective often used to describe Yuuki’s work, which has an underlying theme to connect with “the God who dwells in all things”. His ability to create sculptures and 3D digital works while weaving in traditional techniques has led to collaborations with Legendary Pictures, NHK, Game Freak and Kenzo. More recently, Yuuki is producing NFT art, such as his distinctive “Thinking Man” and “Python” pieces, giving art lovers the chance to buy them on NFT app Foundation


Tsubasan is a Japanese animation studio director with 18 years of experience, and is well known for his digital modelling and putting together vast fantasy environments. He’s also an artist who happily shares his knowledge and regularly does in-depth tutorials showing how he creates his work, like this real-time facial capture using Unreal. If you’re searching for video breakdowns for ZBrush sculpting or recreating hair with Maya, definitely check out Tsubasan’s latest posts.


Matsunaga Takafumi is a Tokyo-based visual designer with some serious talent in the area of motion design. Although he may not be as well-known as the others on this list, there is no denying his creativity when you scroll through his Instagram. What Matsunaga does so well is wielding the technology at hand to create the most surreal art using everyday household items. Here we see a stream of traffic cones, signs, and condiments all floating towards us above a quiet suburban street.


Wataboku began his creative career while simultaneously being an office worker and in a band. In Japanese, “Watashi” and “Boku” are the different forms of “I” but after focusing on his art, he merged these distinct formal and casual pronouns into one. Wataboku has gained international recognition for his imaginary character “SAI” which means “life”, and has led to exhibitions across Asia. We’ll leave you to appreciate this glitchy piece of his where nothing is as it first appears!

Working with Japanese creative artists

Collaborating with Japanese creative artists on marketing campaigns offers a valuable opportunity for brands. Their unique blend of traditional and contemporary art is rooted in their culture and history. Art in Japan often features minimalism, organic forms, and nature, as well as concepts like mono no aware, emphasizing awareness of life’s transience. By using tools like Cinema4D, Blender, Procreate and Adobe products (such as Photoshop and Illustrator), they can help create your vision. Working with unique Japanese artists can result in a fusion of styles that elevates your projects to new heights.

We hope the Japanese artists in this article have provided you with inspiration, and please feel free to comment on the art you’ve seen! In future posts, we’ll be covering more Japanese digital artists and featuring those creating NFT art.

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