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What is JapanBuzz?

Japanese Influencer Marketing, Social Media management in Japan and Japanese SEO services provided by FIT Digital, an English – Japanese bilingual digital agency based in Tokyo Japan, with offices also in London.

By understanding the Japanese market, language, aesthetics and culture — we help global brands improve sales, build advocacy and engage Japanese customers through Japanese Social Media.

Our team, made up of English and Japanese staff, is a 50/50 split. Therefore we understand the Japanese audience and also have the benefit of understanding cutting edge UK digital marketing trends.

As an English speaking marketing agency in Japan, all of our services are available in both English and Japanese languages.

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Our Services

No.1 Influencer Marketing Agency in Japan

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What We Do

Japanese Beauty YouTuber Influencer

Japan Influencer Marketing

We are specialists in helping brands with Influencer marketing in Japan. JapanBuzz has one the largest networks of top influencers in Japan. Collaborate with top Japanese Youtubers, Instagrammers, TikTok, Content Creators, Micro Influencers and social influencers across a wide variety of segments and uniquely Japanese platforms. We can help you through the entire step of the influencer marketing campaign in Japan from Discovery, Activations and Monitoring.  Communication will no longer be an issue.

Our Process

  1. Consultation & Discovery
  2. Influencer Proposals & Strategy
  3. Influencers Guidance & Posting
  4. Monitoring & Feedback

Social Media Marketing

Building an online reputation for your business is a key ingredient for success in Japan. Through our experience of the market, language and culture, we can set up and run great Social Media strategies for your business on Japanese Social Media platforms. From Social Media management to monitoring your campaigns, we provide support you can depend on. We produce reports in English, so there’s no need to be fluent in Japanese.

Our Process

  1. Initial Set Up & Management
  2. Long Term Social Media Strategy & Quick Win Tactics
  3. Online Reputation & Branding
  4. Social Media Advertising & Monitoring

Digital PR

Digital PR is an excellent way to get your brand known in Japan. We can help your brand get placement on popular blogs and news portals.

What to Expect

  1. Target Analysis
  2. Content translation
  3. Key influencer Placements
  4. Feedback and monitoring

Bilingual SEO

Our team is made up of a 50/50 split, Japanese and English. All of our bilingual staff are digitally integrated and will support you with quality customer service from initial SEO set up to monthly support. You can receive monthly analytics reports in English, so you don’t need to worry.

Our Process

  1. Initial Set Up & Management
  2. Long Term Social Media Strategy & Quick Win Tactics
  3. Online Reputation & Branding
  4. Social Media Advertising & Monitoring

Website Design Optimisation

Translation isn’t just about the words but also design. What works for many countries will not work in Japan due to cultural differences. Often when brands and companies target the Japanese market they often forget this. We can offer full “Design Translation” of your website, app or service.

Design Translation Process

  1. Translating content or taking existing translation
  2. Amending design for the Japanese market


We can offer full Japanese design and build of websites, apps and interactive experiences through FIT Digital (Which operates the JapanBuzz service).

Grow Your Business in Japan


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