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Boost your brand's digital presence in Japan

Why do Digital Marketing in Japan?

Are you looking for competent digital marketing agencies in Japan to help sell your products and services? Then we can help.

Japan appeals to both foreign and local companies with its wealthy, tech-savvy population, appreciation for quality, and stable, dynamic market eager for new offerings.

With a population deeply connected to the online world, your brand’s success relies on a strong digital presence. Digital marketing in Japan however requires a deep understanding of traditional cultural values and cutting-edge technology. International brands must combine a respect for tradition with a forward-thinking approach to capture the attention of a Japanese audience.

Whether you’re a new brand eyeing the Japanese market or an established foreign brand, we can navigate your journey with our local expertise and tailored digital marketing solutions.

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Digital marketing Japan

What We Do

At JapanBuzz, an award-winning Japanese bilingual digital marketing agency based in Tokyo Japan, we can provide comprehensive digital marketing services to help international companies grow and stand out in Japan’s crowded digital landscape. Here is a selection of services that we can operate in addition to our Influencer Marketing Servies. 

Digital Campaigns: We can work with your team to come up with exciting and engaging digital campaigns in Japan.

Display Advertising: Our digital advertising strategy combines eye-catching banners and graphics with strategic placement on popular Japanese sites and apps. We tailor ads by analysing user behavior, demographics, and browsing history to boost engagement.

Email Marketing: We help international companies localise their email campaigns to be personalised and culturally sensitive. 

Digital Billboards: Our digital billboard campaigns involve the creation and strategic placement of visually striking content in key Japanese locations as an addition to your digital channels. We conduct market research to understand foot traffic, cultural context, and branding strategies to maximize the impact of your message and instil a positive brand image in the physical world.

Social Media Marketing: We are a leading social media marketing agency too. We provide social media marketing services to global brands including social media management, influencer marketing and user-generated content marketing across popular social media platforms in Japan.

Search Engine Marketing: We optimize your online presence for both international and domestic search engines using paid ads. Our workflow involves keyword research, ad creation, and bid management to ensure maximum visibility and conversion optimisation.

Why JapanBuzz?

Proven Track Record in Japan

As a leading independent marketing company with years of experience assisting small and large international companies in developing their digital presence in Japan, we bring tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies tailored specifically for your industry.

Cultural Insight

In each service, our bilingual team with years of expertise in the local market ensures that your digital marketing strategy considers cultural intricacies and local consumer needs, creating a seamless and authentic connection between your brand and the Japanese market.

Expertise Across Media

Whether it’s search engines, social media, email or digital billboards, our media expertise ensures our solutions are tailored to the distinct features and user tendencies of each platform.

Data-Driven Strategies

As much as we are a digital marketing company that delivers design-driven solutions based on creative strategies, our bilingual team also includes data-driven specialists dedicated to ensuring every decision made by our international clients is backed by insights that drive results.

Strategic Execution for Measurable Success

From planning to execution, our strategic approach is designed to meet your goals, accompanied by clear metrics and reporting to track your campaign’s impact.

A Partner Aligned with Your Values

It is our belief that digital marketing companies should prioritize the development of partnerships, beyond the limits of routine business transactions. Our team values align with yours for a seamless collaboration experience.

Digital marketing Japan



    JapanBuzz is a Japanese digital marketing agency with offices in London and Tokyo. Our team speaks both English and Japanese, making communication easy. We blend insights from local trends with global best practices. Our experienced team offers various services like SEO, influencer marketing, and video production according to your business needs.

    In Japan, local platforms like LINE and Yahoo! Japan dominates the online space, even though global giants like Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and TikTok are also around. LINE is a top choice for messaging, while X and Yahoo! Japan are popular for news, entertainment, and search. Picking the right platform depends on who you are trying to reach and what your brand wants to achieve.

    With a digitally literate population, Japan is the World’s 4th biggest spender in digital advertising as of 2024.