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What is UGC in Japan?

UGC, or User Generated Content, is content created by regular users on social media platforms, as opposed to branded content by companies. It includes images and videos on social channels like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. Other than social media posts, it can also include things such as text reviews on e-commerce sites and posts on bulletin boards.

Japanese brands are increasingly using UGC alongside influencer marketing because it tends to be more authentic and trustworthy compared to traditional advertising. It serves as social proof to potential customers that real people are using and sees value in the product or service, and has the potential to influence purchasing decisions. This type of native user generated content is not only interesting and versatile for use in various mediums like websites and ads, but it’s also cost-effective. UGC content plays an important role in building a brand community, making customers feel more connected to the brands and encouraging more engagement. It can also improve the brand’s online search visibility and increase conversions.

Japan UGC Agency

How it works

A User-Generated Content (UGC) campaign in Japan typically begins with setting clear objectives and identifying the target audience, followed by designing the campaign with a compelling theme and participation guidelines.

Submissions by UGC creators are collected and curated, ensuring legal rights and permissions are secured.

The chosen UGC creators’ content is then shared and promoted across various brand channels, simultaneously boosting engagement and community building through active interactions with contributors.

The campaign’s effectiveness is measured against predefined goals, providing valuable insights for future strategies and maintaining momentum post-campaign to keep the community engaged.

Why JapanBuzz?

Extensive Experience & Proven Track Record

With years of expertise and numerous successful UGC campaigns under our belt, we are a social media agency with a tried-and-tested strategies tailored specifically for your industry.

Deep Understanding of Your Audience

We excel in crafting messages that resonate deeply with your target audience, ensuring every piece of content we create is relatable, authentic and engaging.

Creativity & Quality at the Forefront

Our commitment to outstanding creativity and quality means your content won’t just be seen; it’ll be remembered.

Strategic Execution for Measurable Success

From planning to execution, our strategic approach is designed to meet your goals, accompanied by clear metrics and reporting to track your campaign’s impact.

Committed to Legal and Ethical Practices

We can help your brand navigate the complexities of legal compliance, copyright, and ethical content usage in Japan.


Expertise Across Platforms

Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, or beyond, our platform expertise ensures your content shines wherever your audience is most active.

Skilled Community Engagement

Our campaigns don’t just end at content creation. We actively manage community interactions to boost your brand loyalty and engagement.

Scalable Solutions

As your brand grows, so do our services. We’re equipped to scale our solutions to keep pace with your expanding needs.

Transparent Pricing for Optimal ROI

Expect clear, upfront pricing with a focus on delivering the maximum return on your investment.

A Partner Aligned with Your Values

We believe in building partnerships, not just business transactions. Our team values align with yours for a seamless collaboration experience.



    JapanBuzz is a Japanese UGC agency with English and Japanese-speaking staff for easy communication. We blend local trends with global best practices. We have a strong network of UGC creators to cater to your needs, and a history of success with international clients.

    For reaching a Japanese audience with your UGC, consider popular platforms like X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube and LINE for easy sharing and engagement. Online reviews platforms such as Google and other product or service-specific review websites are also great for sharing and discussing content. Using these platforms effectively based on your target audience and content type can help you achieve maximum impact and visibility in the Japanese market.

    Yes, UGC is highly effective in Japan. Japanese consumers trust authentic content made by their peers when they buy things. That is why UGC helps build trust and lets brands connect with customers on a personal level. Because social media and online communities are big in Japan, UGC helps businesses increase engagement, build awareness, and drive more conversions in Japan.