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Optimising your search engine visibility and success in Japan

What is SEO in Japan?​

Are you looking for a Japanese SEO agency? Then you’re in the right place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is a collection of techniques used to make websites and content more visible o search engines like Google. Search engine algorithms determine where your website ranks in the search engine results, which in turn determines the level of visibility and traffic that your brand gets. As these algorithms constantly evolve, it is often beneficial to have an SEO audit with a knowledgeable SEO agency helping you along the way.

In the Japanese search market, SEO is not just about translated keywords and content. Japanese SEO is about optimising your digital content creation to align with keywords, cultural references, and Japanese online habits that shape the online experience for your potential customers in Japan. Finding success in this market therefore requires a partner who understand the market. Our Japanese SEO services perfectly compliement our other services such as influencer marketing, content marketing and social media marketing giving you the greatest chance of success.

SEO Japan

What We Do

At JapanBuzz, a Japanese bilingual digital marketing agency based in Tokyo Japan, we provide comprehensive Japanese SEO services to help your business grow and stand out in Japan’s crowded digital landscape.

Here’s what we do:

Japanese Keyword Research: We take a detailed approach to brainstorm and research primary keywords that most matter to the Japanese audience, making sure we use a spread of Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji systems.

Technical SEO Excellence: From improving loading speeds to ensuring mobile compatibility, we refine the technical aspects of web development to ensure a stress-free, pleasant user experience.

Culturally Tailored Content: More than mere translation, our Japanese SEO team will make on-page improvements to include keywords, provide detailed information and knowledge-sharing, helping you build long-term relationships with Japanese users that go beyond transactions. Encouraging reviews and testimonials, we also amplify your brand’s authenticity.

Off-Site SEO Strategies: Our off-site SEO strategies include a careful examination of your competitors’ backlinks, and focus on getting backlinks from Japanese sites to boost your brand’s authority in the Japanese market.

Robust Reporting and Tracking: Our reporting and tracking services offer detailed  insights into your Japanese SEO campaign’s performance. From keyword rankings to user engagement, we keep you informed, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Why JapanBuzz?

Extensive Experience in the Japanese Market

Our bilingual Japanese team has years of expertise in assisting international companies develop their Japanese SEO strategy and increase organic traffic.

Deep Understanding of Your Audience

Our localisation services come from a deep understanding of the cultural preferences of your target audience, ensuring every action we take and every piece of content we create leads to relatability, authenticity and engagement.

Latest SEO Tools & Technology

Our Japanese SEO experts use the latest SEO tools and technologies from AI-driven analytics to real-time monitoring, so that your brand stays ahead in the digital race.

Strategic Execution for Measurable Success

From planning to execution, our strategic approach is designed to meet your goals, accompanied by clear metrics and reporting to track your campaign’s impact.

Expertise Across Search Engines

Whether it’s Google, Amazon or domestic search engines like Yahoo!Japan and Rakuten, our search engine expertise ensures our solutions are tailored to the distinct features and affiliate services of each platform.

A Partner Aligned with Your Values

We believe in building partnerships, not just business transactions. Our team values align with yours for a seamless collaboration experience.

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    JapanBuzz is a Japanese SEO Agency with offices in London and Tokyo. Our team speaks both English and Japanese for easy communication. We use advanced SEO tools and strategies from both markets to boost visibility. We also believe in integrating SEO with other marketing channels for maximum impact. Our track record shows we can really make a difference in Japan.

    SEO in Japan means making your website easy for Japanese people to find online. This includes finding the right Japanese keywords, improving meta descriptions and URLs, adjusting content to match searches, and getting links from Japanese sites. It’s also about making your website feel welcoming to Japanese visitors. Working with SEO experts who know Japanese culture can help you succeed in this market.

    In Japan, Google is the most popular search engine, but Yahoo! Japan is also very popular and unique to the country. Other search engines like Bing have a smaller presence. Yahoo! Japan uses Google’s algorithms but has special features like Yahoo! Shopping, which are important for being noticed online.