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Top 10 Instagram Hashtags in Japan 2019

Here are the Top 10 Japanese hashtags on Instagram in 2019! If you use these Top 10 Japanese hashtags, you’re likely to get likes from Japanese users.

(connecting with people who like photos)

28.7 Million

At number 1 is the hashtag “connecting with people who like photos”. Although it’s actually a long sentence, people who like photos always put this hashtag.

2. 猫/ねこ

28.2 Million

Number 2 is “Cat”!! It’s not surprising, is it!

3. いいね返し
(Like for likes)

23.2 Million

Number 3 is” like for likes”. If you use this hashtag, you will get likes from others who want liked back.

4. ファインダー越しの私の世界
(My world through a camera viewfinder)

19.4 Million

Coming in at Number 4 is “My world through a camera viewfinder”. Again! it’s a long sentence. but Japanese people often use a sentence for hashtags.
( Fashion)

18.8 Million

Number 5 is “Fashion”! Many influencers, fashion brands and hair artists use this hashtag.

6. 東京

17.9 Million

Number 6 is “Tokyo”, the biggest and busiest city in Japan. If you check out this hashtag, you can see many things from Tokyo on Instagram

7. かわいい/可愛い

16.9 Million

Number 7 is “Kawaii”. Japanese people say Kawaii a lot! It means cute.

8. ランチ

16.6 Million

Number 8 is “Lunch”. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in Japan. Also since “bento” culture is big in Japan, people often post their unique bento photos.

9. ネイル

16 Million

Number 9 is “Nail”. Japanese ladies love to do their nails. You can see many cute designs for nails here.

10. 犬

15.5 Million

Number 10 is “dog”. Dog come in at number 10. There are lots of adorable photos and videos of dogs in Japan under this hashtag.

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