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Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Japan – Updated 2024


If you’re looking for the most popular TikTok Influencers in Japan, then you’ve come to the right place. TikTok has become one of the most important social media platforms for Japanese Influencer Marketing. It has helped Japanese influencers reach domestic fans and a large global audience, breaking international language barriers. Japanese content creators use TikTok’s short and addictive format to create videos that are mainly consumed by a younger demographic. By working with TikTok influencers, brands can utilise their huge reach to connect with a diverse Gen-Z and engaged consumer.

TikTok in Japan Age Demographics 2024

Though it took some time, TikTok is widely used and is Japan’s 6th most popular Social Media. According to ByteDance advertising data, TikTok has 17 million users in Japan, with 50% below the age of 30. Young Gen-Z audiences in Japan have less time than ever due to the huge amount of media options, and TikTok helps reach them. Popular content categories on TikTok Japan include Entertainment, Dance, Pranks, Fitness, DIY, Beauty/Skincare, Fashion, Cooking, Life Hacks and Pets.

TikTok is an excellent place for brands to target different verticals, especially fast fashion, food, gaming, travel, fitness and everyday household items. In this list of the top 20 Japanese TikTok influencers in 2024, we give you an idea about various creators on the platform.

Top 20 TikTok Influencers in Japan 2024

1. Bayashi

Followers: 53.7M
Category: Food, Cooking


Bayashi, a Japanese Chef, is the most popular Japanese TikTok Influencer and Content creator. If you’re a foodie or brand looking to work with a Japanese cooking creator, then look no further. Bayashi makes people hungry by showing delicious food up close as he cooks. Bayashi often prepares fried food, which is good for people interested in learning tasty Japanese recipes. His videos are mainly about cooking and ASMR. ASMR, also known asautonomous sensory meridian response’, refers to the feeling people get when they watch stimulating videos. He has worked with many brands, including Tastemade Japan and Asahi.

Bayashi became popular worldwide because people can enjoy his food content even without understanding the language. He also collaborates with other popular international food influencers to boost his fanbase.

2. Junya Gou 

Followers: 44M
Category: Comedy, Pranks, Entertainment 

Junya Gou

Junya is the most famous TikTok influencer in Japan. His videos are known for his pranks, challenges and the fact they contain things that people would not normally do. Junya’s unique and original thinking led to his title as the King of TikTok Japan. He has recently not been active on TikTok, which is maybe why he lost his top spot. However, we’re sure he will return to reclaim his title of the top influencer on TikTok Japan.

3. Michael Jackton 

Followers: 12.7M
Category: Entertainment, Dance

Michael Jackton

Michael Jackton, a Michael Jackson impersonator, is the most popular dancer on TikTok Japan. Even after Michael Jackson passed away, many people still look up to the legendary singer in Japan. Michael Jackton does a very good impersonation of Michael Jackson, which is why he has many fans worldwide. Japanese fans often comment about how much he resembles him, which led to collaboration with top artists such as rocker Yoshiki from X-Japan. 

4. Ues P

Followers: 12.2M
Category: Comedy

Ues P

Ues P is a TikTok content creator in Japan known for his funny videos. In addition to creating original content, he reposts other creators’ trending videos with reactions. In his reaction videos, he creates strange but hilarious responses to the original content. In this way, he is always up to date with the TikTok trends. Ues P’s comedy is uniquely Japanese, and the way he takes everything so seriously really makes him stand out as one of the top young comedians.

5. Shun Oshima

Followers: 11.6M
Category: Beauty and Makeup, Entertainment

Shun Oshima

Shun is a handsome male model TikTok influencer who is especially popular among Japanese women. His content often includes trending transformative videos, where he transforms his face from funny to handsome. He often uses TikTok filters to achieve this effect. Many people comment on his cute smile, both in Japan and abroad. In one of his latest videos, he promoted PUMA’s outerwear collection in the Tokyo Harajuku store. By showing a video of him and his sister walking around in the store wearing PUMA’s products, he made the promotion very natural. The fans’ response indicated they liked the video and some visited the store, a good sign of success.


Followers: 11.2M
Category: Comedy


Issei is known for his funny and comic videos. Just like Ues P, he recreates and comments on trending videos of other influencers, which allows him to get more views. His followers are not limited to Japan, as his captions are in both Japanese and English. He recently collaborated with the Harry Potter brand by performing his own take on another user’s video where they made a homemade wand. His unboxing is well performed, and his fans’ comments suggest that users bought the wand.

7. Hina Kagei

Followers: 10.7M
Category: Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion

Hina Kagei

Hina, a Japanese actress and model, is the most followed female influencer on TikTok Japan. She is especially popular among Japanese Gen Z and young audiences on TikTok due to her variety of cute Kawaii content. Her entertaining videos includes lifestyle, beauty and dancing videos. She recently worked on a paid partnership with Lotte Zero Chocolate where she created a special Zero dance. Users commented on how cute she looked in the video.

8. Saito

Followers: 10.4M
Category: Entertainment


Saito is an entertaining TikToker and Youtuber. His videos include pranks, life hacks and funny content. For example, a video of him showing how to cover a tattoo recieved almost 300K likes. On his account, he also carries out collaborations and promotions with everyday brands such as a Fly Magnet, a type of flycatcher. He shows that mass market products can be promoted on TikTok Japan.

9. Magician Shin

Followers: 10.1M
Category: Magic, Entertainment

Magician Shin

Shin is a famous magician in Japan who attracts viewers with his unique magic tricks. His short videos are very watchable as he performs his magic tricks. In most of the videos the magic trick techniques are revealed by his sidekick. Each trick is unique and as many of his videos follow the same technique, viewers are excited for the next one. He also has a popular YouTube channel which showcases similar content to his TikTok account. SONY Xperia recently collaborated with Shin, with his TikTok content shot using the Xperia.

10. Uchiyama san 

Followers: 9.6M
Category: Comedy, Dance

Uchiyama san

Uchiyama is one of the most followed and funniest dancers on TikTok Japan. You might not have seen anything like Uchiyama san, as he performs unique dance videos using motion graphics. Many of his videos tell a story, which is not often seen in performance videos. He also includes some cosplay and video game references in his content, which makes the videos very watchable.

11. Hayataku

Followers: 9.2M
Category: Entertainment


Hayataku’s videos are very unique, as he tells funny stories using objects such as cardboard and dolls. He recently creates detailed models made out of cardboard, such as ovens and clothes. This allows his content to cover a wide range of topics. His content brings joy and laughter to countless people, reminding us of the importance of embracing our inner child and finding delight in the simplest of things. His videos appeal mainly to a Japanese audience, and the comments are mostly in Japanese.

12. Shuzo

Followers: 7.5M
Category: Fashion, Model, Actor


Shuzo is a male model, actor and influencer on Japanese TikTok. He has many adoring fans and his popularity is not only limited to Japan, but also around the globe. In his feed he shows many fashion and model shots, which is great promotion for his work. His TikTok is almost like a behind the scenes account. On his Instagram you can see that he is true celebrity, he has over 1M fans and showcases collaborations with luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Fendi. If you are looking for a male influencer who has a wide audience among women in Japan, then he is the one to collaborate with.

13. Remitan

Followers: 7M
Category: Entertainment


Remitan is a professional handball player and a popular TikTok influencer in Japan. Most of his videos are about entertainment, and he rarely posts about handball, which is rare among athletes. He recently made a campaign with Gillette, Taylor Made Golf and Male skincare brand, gaining many likes and comments. 

14. Yuri

Followers: 6.9M
Category: Entertainment, Singing, Fashion, Dance, Lifestyle


Yuri is a university student, TikTok and a Youtuber (where she has over 100K subscribers). She attracts many male fans, and she is like an idol to many of them. Her content includes dancing and lifestyle videos. As an experienced Travel and Tourism influencer, she recently created content about Thailand the Philippines. She has also collaborated with a Cosmetic Surgery and runs her own fashion brand 2N.

15. Matsudake

Followers: 6.2M
Category: Food, Entertainment


You might not think that Matsudake is a food influencer on TikTok at first glance, as his cooking videos are very different! He often dresses up like a clown with a colourful pigtail and introduces strange cooking recipes. His videos are very high energy, with many quick cuts and often very funny. He collaborates with many everyday brands to promote their products on TikTok, such as McDonalds and Suntory.

16. Sumibi Club

Followers: 5.7M
Category: Food, Cooking

Sumibi Club

Sumibi Club is a TikTok star known for making food videos everyday, all based on charcoal grilling. He posts videos of various meat dishes including wagyu, pork and fish. Through his wild cooking and eating videos, Sumibi Club has captivated many viewers, stimulating their appetite and encouraging them to cook similar recipes. His simple yet high quality and engaging videos proves that creativity is possible even with limited resources.

17. Kenty

Followers: 5.1M
Category: Food, Cooking


Kenty is another foodie TikTok creator whose cooking videos shows him preparing both savoury and sweet dishes, including omurice, various noodle dishes and french toast. His videos shows the process of both cooking and eating the food, with an element of ASMR. His easy-to-watch videos has attracted many viewers, resulting in Kenty publishing his own recipe book. He has also collaborated with local restaurants, other foodie influencers as well as companies like Ajinomoto and Coca Cola Japan to attract more views.

18. Yuto Gurume

Followers: 4.6M
Category: Food, Cafes & Restaurants

Yuto Gurume

Yuto is a popular TikTok creator known for posting videos of various Japanese cuisine from cafes and restaurants across Japan. His videos often feature stores in major cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. The food he selects are often visually appealing (Instagrammable) and unique, encouraging viewers to visit the store and try them out themselves. With his high quality videos specialized in food, his content appeals to Japanese people of all ages, resulting in a wide fanbase, and occasional paid partnership with local cafes and restaurants.

19. Ojas

Followers: 4.5M
Category: Beauty, Dance, Entertainment


Jasmin, also known as Ojas, is a popular TikTok influencer among young viewers, who posts videos of her dancing, singing, doing make-up and lip syncing to popular audios on TikTok. Born between a Japanese and Canadian couple, Ojas has the half Japanese half Western look that is admired by many in Japan, and which allows her to pull off her signature bright pink hair. Her cute look is adored by many fans, and she has also gained increasing attention by her appearances on Japanese TV. Recently, she collaborated with a local make up brand as an ambassador.

17. Yoshi

Followers: 4.4M
Category: Entertainment, Lifestyle


Yoshi is a creative TikTok star known for his impressive talent in crafting manga and anime-themed dioramas using affordable 100-yen items. Through his funny TikTok videos, Yoshi captivates viewers with his intricate and detailed miniature scenes. His resourcefulness in using budget-friendly materials showcases his skill and dedication to his craft. Yoshi’s work inspires young artists, proving that creativity knows no bounds, even with limited resources. He recently collaborated with a Plastic surgery clinic by adding some surgery tehcniques to one of his created models.


Many TikTok influencers in Japan are open to collaborate with brands. They have a large following and can help promote products or services effectively. This partnership benefits both the influencers and the brands by increasing exposure and potential sales. TikTok’s popularity, especially among the younger generation, makes it a valuable platform for influencer marketing campaigns in Japan.

The price of TikTok influencers can vary, the popularity of Japanese TikTokers across various channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter directly impacts the cost of working with influencers on TikTok. The prices can also fluctuate depending on factors such as audience size and engagement rate. To negotiate a fair price, brands often collaborate with influencer agencies in Japan, especially when dealing with macro or mega influencers. By utilising the expertise of these agencies, brands can ensure a smoother negotiation process and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with the desired TikTok influencers.

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