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The top 10 Tech Influencers in Japan 2024

Japanese Tech Influencers

In the fast-paced world of ever-evolving technology, Japanese Tech influencers stand out as experts offering accurate insights about products whilst guiding viewers on how to make the most of their features. When it comes to learning about tech products before making a purchase, many people in Japan rely on YouTube. Japanese YouTube influencers create detailed […]

Most Popular Japanese Vtubers Of 2024

Japanese VTuber

Japanese VTubers or virtual YouTubers use virtual avatars to create content and are very popular in Japan. VTubers post music videos, game reviews, drawing content, live stream and create sponsored video content. Most of the Japanese VTubers operate livestreams making use of the YouTube SuperChat function, a YouTube gifting system, and use real-time motion capture […]

Top 10 Popular Japanese Beauty YouTubers 2024

YouTube has become the ultimate platform for beauty and makeup YouTubers in Japan to showcase their skills, share expert advice, and captivate audiences worldwide. As we step into 2024, the Japanese beauty scene has seen a meteoric rise in the number of talented YouTubers who have taken the internet by storm with their mesmerizing tutorials, […]

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Japan – Updated 2024


Are you looking for the best gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2024? Look no further! Japan has a rich history and a long-standing reputation as a global hub for the game industry. Since the 1960s, Japanese companies have produced iconic titles such as Super Mario, Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Animal Crossing. […]

Top 10 Popular YouTubers in Japan – Updated 2024

YouTubers Influencers in Japan

Welcome to our spotlight on the top Japanese YouTubers! YouTube has emerged as a powerful platform for brands to connect with audiences in Japan. Never before has a platform had such a wide range of user-generated content that educates, captivates and entertains. Each day, thousands of Japanese YouTubers pour their creative energies into creating a […]

Top Japanese influencers for 2024

Japanese_Influencers_Sakura Miyawaki

Discover the Top Influencers in Japan by follower count for 2024! In this comprehensive guide, we look at the most popular YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok influencers in Japan. Stay ahead of trends as we take a deep dive into current trends and explore some popular Japanese influencers. Use this information to help you make informed […]

Best Japanese Travel and Tourism Influencers 2024

TOP 10 Japanese Travel Youtubers

With the recent relaxation of mask rules, Japanese people are starting to feel more confident to travel again, with YouTube, Instagram and TikTok tourism influencers fueling their desires. Social Media plays an important part in the growth of outbound and local tourism in Japan. Japanese people are using YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to find information […]

Top 10 most viewed paid Japanese influencer content for 2022

2022 has been a very busy year for influencer marketing in Japan. In this article, we introduce the top 10 most viewed paid content in Japan for 2022. Here, you can understand how Japanese companies promote their services and what kind of influencers they collaborate with on YouTube. You can also get a sense of […]

Most popular Japanese Influencer brand partnerships 2022

This year has been a very busy year for influencer marketing in Japan. There have been many successful campaigns driving sales across multiple verticals. Here we look at the most played influencer collab videos in Japan for 2022 (Based on data by BitStar Co. Japan). Understanding how local companies are engaging their audience is important […]