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Top Google Searches Japan 2023

Top Google Search Queries in Japan 2023

“Weather” is Japan’s top Google search query for 2023, with an index score of 100 points. “Corona” followed closely in second place with a score of 41 points, representing 41% of the search volume of the leading queries. By analyzing these search queries, we can uncover the subjects that pique the curiosity of the nation and shape their online experiences. From entertainment and technology to current events and lifestyles, these search queries reveal the topics that dominate online searches in Japan.

The data in the report represents the most popular search queries on Google in Japan for the year 2023, along with an interest score. The interest score is a value that represents the popularity of the term relative to the highest point on the chart during the given time frame. A score of 100 is the peak popularity for the term, while a score of 50 means it’s half as popular.

Top Google Searches in Japan 2023

Rank Japanese English Translation Interest
1 天気 Weather 100
2 コロナ Corona 41
3 楽天 Rakuten 33
4 ヤフー Yahoo 31
5 映画 Film 30
6 YouTube YouTube 29
7 ニュース News 29
8 漫画 Manga 29
9 ポケモン Pokemon 25
10 Twitter Twitter 23
11 野球 Baseball 22
12 ラーメン Ramen 21
13 Amazon Amazon 20
14 Google Google 18
15 Yahoo Yahoo 18
16 ツイッター Twitter 17
17 インスタ Instagram 17
18 翻訳 Translate 15
19 ワンピース One Piece 15
20 天気予報 Weather Forecast 15

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular Google searches in Japan and explore the trends that define the online landscape in 2023.

1. Weather

Interest: 100

“Weather” is the most searched word on Google in Japan 2023, with a top interest score of 100. Google provides accurate and up-to-date information, allowing users to know the latest weather conditions by using sites such as Secondly, it’s convenient to search for weather on Google, providing instant access to details like temperature and precipitation. People search for the weather to plan their activities, prepare for outdoor events, and make informed decisions about clothing and safety. It’s especially important for commuters, travellers, farmers, and those affected by natural disasters. By searching on Google, Japanese people can easily access reliable weather information to stay prepared and make smart choices.

2. Corona

Interest: 41

Japanese people want to stay updated on the latest news and guidelines to protect themselves and their loved ones. They also use Google to access government announcements about COVID-19 policies and restrictions. People search for case updates and statistics to understand the current situation. Travel information, such as entry requirements and flight cancellations, is also sought after. Additionally, they search for resources on remote learning, online work arrangements, and mental health support. By using Google, Japanese people can find reliable information, make informed decisions, and navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic.

3. Rakuten

Interest: 33

Rakuten is a popular e-commerce platform in Japan, so people search for it to shop for various items online. They can find electronics, fashion, beauty products, and more. Secondly, Rakuten offers deals and discounts, so users search for them to find special offers and save money on their purchases. Additionally, Rakuten operates as a marketplace with independent sellers, so people search for unique items from different sellers. Rakuten also provides travel services, including flight and hotel bookings, so users search for it to find convenient travel options. 

4. Yahoo

Interest: 31

Yahoo operates a popular web portal and search engine in Japan called Yahoo Japan. People search for Yahoo on Google to access the Yahoo Japan homepage, locate the search and find information specific to Japan. Secondly, Yahoo offers email services, so users search for Yahoo to access their email accounts and manage messages. Additionally, Yahoo Japan provides news, entertainment, and lifestyle features, such as celebrity news and weather forecasts, which users can search for on Google. Finally, Yahoo Japan offers various online services like shopping and auctions, so people search for Yahoo to access these services. 

5. Film

Interest: 30

Japanese people want to find information about movies, such as titles, release dates, showtimes, and trailers. They also search for movie reviews and ratings to help them decide which movies to watch. Additionally, people search for “映画” to stay updated on upcoming releases, find nearby theatres and showtimes, and stay informed about the film industry through news and updates. By searching for “映画” on Google, Japanese users can find all the information they need to make informed decisions about movies and enhance their movie-watching experiences.

6. YouTube

Interest: 29

Japanese people search for YouTube on Google for a simple reason – to watch a wide variety of videos. They can find entertainment, music, tutorials, and more on YouTube. Users can also discover popular videos, subscribe to channels they like, and engage with content creators. YouTube serves as a source of information, with educational and informative videos available. By searching for YouTube on Google, Japanese users can access a vast library of videos, enjoy entertainment, learn new things, and stay connected with their favourite content creators.

7. News

Interest: 29

Japanese people search for “ニュース” (news) on Google to stay updated. They can find the latest news articles, headlines, and information on various topics such as current events, politics, sports, and entertainment. It’s a convenient way for them to access reliable news sources and stay informed about what’s happening in Japan and around the world.

8. Manga

Interest: 29

Japanese people like to read and explore manga content. By searching for “漫画” on Google, they can find a wide variety of manga titles, artists, and websites where they can access and enjoy manga. It’s a simple way for them to discover new releases, follow their favourite series, and explore different genres. Searching for “漫画” allows them to indulge in their love for manga and immerse themselves in the captivating world of visual storytelling.

9. Pokemon

Interest: 25

Pokémon is a well-known brand that includes video games, anime, merchandise, and trading cards. Users can discover the latest Pokémon games, anime episodes, characters, events, and merchandise. It serves as a way for them to stay updated and connected to the world of Pokémon. Japanese people have a fondness for Pokémon, and searching for it on Google allows them to explore new content, relive nostalgic memories, and stay engaged with the franchise they love.

10. Twitter 

Interest: 23

Japanese people can find the official website and create or log in to their accounts. Twitter allows users to share thoughts and stay connected with friends, celebrities, and organizations. It’s a simple way for them to join conversations and engage with others on various topics.

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