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Top YouTube Searches in Japan 2023

“Song” is Japan’s top YouTube search query for 2023, with an index score of 100 points. “Minecraft” followed closely in second place with a score of 53 points, representing 53% of the search volume of the leading queries. By looking at the trend data of searched words on YouTube by Japanese users, we can gain valuable insights into their digital behaviour, interests, and online trends.

The provided report showcases the top search queries accompanied by an interest score. The interest score denotes the popularity of each term relative to the highest point on the chart within the specified timeframe. A score of 100 signifies the term’s peak popularity, while a score of 50 indicates that it is half as popular.

Most Popular Japanese YouTube Search Queries in Japan 2023

Rank Search Term Interest
1 Song 100
2 Minecraft 53
3 Bgm 51
4 Pokemon 51
5 Game 50
6 Animation 50
7 ASMR 48
8 Dance 46
9 One Piece 44
10 Comics 42

1. Song

Interest 100

The search query “song” ranked first in the list of top Japanese YouTube search queries in Japan for 2023, with a search index of 100. Japanese users showed a strong interest in searching for the latest information on their favourite melodies. This is a testament to the role that music plays in Japanese culture. Japan is recognized as the second largest music market in the world, offering diverse genres such as J-hip-hop, Japanese Jazz, Anime Music, Game music and traditional. The invention of karaoke in Japan further demonstrates the deep connection between music and entertainment in Japanese society, driving the popularity of music-related searches on YouTube.

2. Minecraft

Interest 53

The search query “Minecraft” secured the second position with a search index of 53. Minecraft, a 3D sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, has gained immense popularity among Japanese users. Available on various platforms, including PC, mobile, and consoles, Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon in the gaming world. With a rich history since its release in 2011, it has attracted players of all ages and received numerous accolades, solidifying its position as one of the greatest video games ever created.

3. BGM

Interest – 51

“Background Music” or “BGM” captured the interest of Japanese YouTube users with a search index of 51. Japanese consumers highly value the experience created by background music, which has a transformative effect in various settings. Convenience stores in Japan utilise background music to enhance the atmosphere, often incorporating cover songs or toned-down melodies to create a familiar and pleasant environment.

4. Pokémon

Interest – 51

The search query “Pokémon,” derived from the abbreviation for “pocket monsters” in Japanese, received a search index of 51. Pokémon, a media franchise owned by The Pokémon Company, has gained a massive following in Japan. The franchise includes video games, movies, and merchandise, with a wide range of Pokémon species captivating fans. With numerous Pokémon centres across the country and the global phenomenon of the “Pokémon Go” game, the franchise continues to thrive.

5. Game

Interest – 50

The search query “game” has a search index of 50, reflecting the strong interest in various types of games among Japanese users. Japan has embraced gaming culture since the 1970s and has emerged as a nation of avid gamers. With an estimated 75 million people identifying themselves as gamers in Japan and the country ranking third globally in gaming revenues, the gaming industry plays a role in Japan’s entertainment landscape.

6. Animation

Interest – 50

“Animation” attracted Japanese YouTube users with a search index of 50, reflecting the widespread passion for anime series. Anime holds a special place in Japanese culture and has become the heart of the country’s entertainment industry. With anime contributing approximately 20 billion dollars annually to Japan, it is evident that Japanese viewers actively seek out top anime series and recommendations through YouTube searches.


Interest – 48

ASMR, a pleasant sensory experience induced by specific audiovisual stimuli, has a high interest among Japanese YouTube users, achieving a search index of 48. ASMR videos, often featuring whispers or role-playing scenarios, enhance human connection and relaxation. Many viewers experience a tingling sensation likened to a gentle “tingling” that travels through the back of the head and spine. ASMR has gained popularity in Japan as a means of promoting relaxation and aiding sleep, with many individuals finding it helpful for inducing a sense of calmness.

8. Dance

Interest – 46

The search query “dance” received a search index of 46, indicating the interest of Japanese YouTube users in various forms of dance. From traditional Japanese dances to popular TikTok dances and cute anime-inspired choreography, dance has become a popular form of expression and exercise among the Japanese population. It serves as a creative outlet and a means of entertainment, showcasing the dynamic nature of Japanese dance culture.

9. One-piece

Interest – 44

“One Piece,” a famous Japanese manga series, has a search index of 44. The series follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they search for the mythical treasure known as “One Piece.” With its initial release as a comic and subsequent adaptation into a TV series and video games, One Piece has amassed a large following. The franchise’s popularity remains strong, with its total revenue surpassing 20.9 billion US dollars, highlighting the enduring appeal of this beloved series.

10. Comics

Interest – 42

The search query “comics,” or “manga” in Japanese, obtained a search index of 42, demonstrating the enduring popularity of this medium. Manga plays a vital role in the Japanese publishing market and takes various formats, including episodes in weekly or monthly magazines and later compiled into comic books. It serves as a form of entertainment in Japan, captivating readers of all ages. The manga industry continues to flourish, reflecting the fascination with this unique storytelling medium.

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