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Instagram $525 million deal for Twitter before Facebook.

According to the New York Times report, Twitter had a deal in place to buy Instagram for $525 million back in March — before the photo-sharing service’s CEO Kevin Systrom called the whole thing off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ultimately acquired Instagram after pushing through a cash-and-stock deal just weeks before Facebook’s May initial public offering. The transaction closed in […]

Android internet usage gets the edge over computers in Japan.

Android internet usage gets the edge over computers.

According to a Nielsen publication released on the 10th of December, Android internet usage (time) per person in Japan is now more than on computers. The study carried out using live online questionnaires has confirmed the increasing influence of mobile. Android internet monthly usage time per person was 1,492 minutes (appx 25 hours), whereas monthly […]

What’s the problem? Japanese Social Media Marketing for businesses.

japanese social media problems

I’ve found some interesting statistics published by NTT Data Lab on 15th of November. It shows why more than 60% of the businesses in Japan failed to see the result they expected from running Social Media Marketing. This study targeted businesses in Japan with more than 300 employees and also ones that operate smaller offices. […]

United Arrows Instagram Campaign

Japanese fashion retail giant, United Arrows (, started a campaign “US TRANSFORM SHOW” in November. At every United Arrows branch, the staff wearing a special “stylist badge” help customers transform completely in 10 mins. If you want their makeover, just pop by one of the branches and find staff with a special badge. You tell […]

Japanese Smartphone usage in stores.

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When out for a shop, do you use your smartphone to search for products and services whilst in store? According to a study carried out by Hakuhodo DY Holdings, 67.1% of Smartphone users in Japan utilise their Smartphone to enhance their shopping experiences. 15.4% said that they use it often and 51.7% answered that they […]

Tweet Data to be sold!

twitter API, tweet data, ntt data

Twitter has been tightening it’s rules around use of the Twitter API recently — and everyone has been wanting to know how this will effect third party businesses.   NTT Data has now announced that they’ve signed a contract with US Twitter in regards to the re-selling of Tweet information. This contract was made to allow […]

Social TV, GREE TV ?


GREE has announced that they will start a collaboration with VOYAGE GROUP who specialise widely in new media, advertising technology, research and venture capital. This is to further reinforce the company’s services in the Social Media field. GREE TV (Working title) As part of the collaboration, they will be developing something called “GREE TV (working […]

Social Emergency Drill

Yahoo!JAPAN, Twitter Japan, J-WAVE (the radio company) and Mori Building are holding the very first ‘Social Emergency Drill’ event  on the 19th of September. The aim of event is to teach people how to effectively use Social Media in case of emergency. Social Media took a huge part in the Tohoku Earthquake (East Japan Earthquake […]

MUJI Community Manager’s Secret

japanese social media marketing, muji, mujirushi

Mr Kazama is the only community manager behind the massive corporate social channels for MUJI, where 818,000 Facebook fans, 186,000 Twitter fans and 40,000 Mixi fans gather. As the person in charge of the community, he manages all of MUJI’s social channels and activities. Normally he has other work to do such as campaign planning […]

Pinterest vs Instagram


Google+ vs Facebook? Mixi vs Facebook? No, no, no. It’s all about Pinterest vs Instagram now! Is Pinterest the shiniest Social Media star these days? Everyone’s heard agencies talking about Pinterest — but is it really the best better than Instagram? Or shall I even go back to the starting point and ask the question, are […]